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Hello dancers, I collaborated with the Capezio Foundation through Capezio owner Ben Sommers in 1980's in San Francisco for the first celebration of International Dance Week by creating a major art exhibition with a variety of artists, who dealt with dance imagery.  As a major artist of dance painting and dancers in paper sculpture hung as life size mobiles, I was a key exhibitor.  I owned Art Dancing Gallery in San Francisco and had the opportunity to occupy a large part of the show with artists from my  gallery, collaborating with Michelle Bell of Art Programs to produce an exciting  event.  I recently found a major archive of my ballet original art works on paper that I'd like to place in the market place for the mutual benefit of dance foundations, dance and ballet companies as well as other arts/cultural organizations and myself.  I will donate one work for each well attended fundraising event on the basis that I send a portfolio of 10 original works similar to the works attached that were produced in the 1980's.  The portfolio would be included in their fundraising event with the first sale going 100% to the event sponsors, additional sales would be split 50/50.  The sponsoring event pays shipping, insured, both ways.  If near San Francisco I may be willing to attend to discuss my work, show photos of larger dance painting (4'X5') and possibly secure a commission, of which the organization would also get a royalty.  As a former University art professor I can present myself quiet well, am neat and well dressed.  The real benefit will be the  public relations and resulting direct sales of your works.  The work will be on paper, shrink wrapped, not framed and must be presented for easy viewing. The first sale goes 100% to the sponsoring event. Works on paper minimally can sell at $200, $500+ often.  Larger works $5000+ and must be hand delivered by myself, but can send photos of these very unique paintings from the 1970's & 80's.  None of this work has been shown since 1988.


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